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Argo HD LED 24V Recessed / Surface Light

Product code:

Product description:
Due to the market demand and our customer responses, we are introducing our most popular lines in warm white high definition LEDs. Warm white LEDs provide a similar glow to that created from a halogen light, whilst maintaining energy efficient technology to reduce your monthly energy bills. Warm white LEDs produce an ambient and tranquil light, while upholding their primary purpose to provide essential illumination to suit your everyday requirements in a kitchen.

The warm white LEDs will be introduced into the HD LED range, specifically designed combining eco-friendly solutions to practical situations. Sensio’s high definition LEDs are manufactured using a lens over each LED to intensify the light output, whilst maintaining the low power consumption.

With its small exterior and high light output, this HD LED fitting provides effective task lighting whilst being compact and discreet.This fitting can be recessed or surface mounted to suit your design preferences, and is suitable for use in the kitchen or to illuminate display units ect. The aluminium collar is supplied with each fitting.

SE9005HDWW/SE9005HDSSWW - warm white
SE9005HDCW/SE9005HDSSCW - cool white

Technical specifications:
  • LED light source, no UV rays, no flicker, no noise.
  • After 30,000 hours there is still 70% lamp life remaining
  • Low power consumption
  • Rated Input: DC24V
  • Lumen Output (at 6400K): 70Lm
  • Beam Angle: 30 degree
  • The LED lamp gives out an equivalent light output to that of a 20W halogen lamp.
  • 24pcs SMT LED integrated
  • Finish: Aluminium/stainless steel

Use with:
SE40555 - Sensio LED 24V 15W Transformer with 6 port LED Block
SE40556 - Sensio LED 24V 30W Transformer with 12 port LED Block

Wattage Voltage Diodes Cable Transformer Lamp Type Lifespan Width Depth Cut-out
1.7W 24V 24 2.5m SE40555 LED HD 60,000h 65.5mm 10.5mm (recessed) 14mm (surface) 60mm

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